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Sadie chewed on her bottom lip as she stared at the empty page on the desk in front of her. The task was supposed to be an easy one; make a list of things she wanted for Christmas and give it to her parents.  But every time she sat down to write it, she drew blanks.  What did she want?  There wasn't really anything she wanted.  Her eyes strayed to her laptop at the sound of a beep.  Someone had messaged her.  She tossed her pencil down instantly and pulled up her Skype window.  It was Jack.  He had sent her a little message saying hello.  
Jack Canton was the guy that Sadie had liked for a good while.  He was in her grade and they'd been friends since the tenth grade, but she'd never become really close to him.  A smile found its way onto her face as she typed a hello back.  As she waited for his reply she picked up her pencil and started doodling idly on the page.  The next automatic beep from her computer sent her heart into a little frenzy.
She made a face when she realized it hadn't been him sending her a message back.  It had been one of her other friends. It wasn't that she didn't like her other friends, it was just that Jack made her heart jump.  She replied quickly to her friend Renee, and then looked down at her Christmas list.  Jack's name and hearts were doodled all over it.  Blushing even though no one else was around, she folded that paper up and slipped into her desk drawer.
"Sadie, dinner!"
"Okay, I'm coming!"  She shouted back.  Sparing another glance at her computer screen she got up and raced down the stairs to her family.
Sadie loved her family, however that night she wanted nothing more than to escape to her room.  Her younger twin brothers had other ideas.  Immediately after dinner they seized hold of her hands and demanded that she play videogames with them.  She wanted to use the homework excuse and go upstairs, but the look her mother gave her stopped her.  It was a torturous few hours simply because he could have messaged her and she couldn't answer back.
She flew up the stairs as soon as her parents announced that it was the twins' bedtime.  Her father joked about her having a hot date with her homework, but she barely heard it.  It was around nine when Sadie made it upstairs.  There were several new messages waiting when she got there.  She found most of them from him.
J.C. says: Oh sorry I had to help my dad bring the tree in.
J.C. says: Have you got your Christmas tree yet?
J.C. says:? AFK? :(
Sadie felt bad for leaving her chat up.  Though in her defence, she hadn't thought she would be gone for more than twenty minutes.  He was offline so she couldn't message him back.  None of her friends were online.  She sighed and closed the window.  It gave way to her Microsoft document, which was list of presents she still had to buy.  She considered going to the mall the next day before she remembered that they were going to pick out a Christmas tree.  She stared at the list on her screen unsure of what she should do until she fell asleep to her music playing in the background.

Jack gave his computer screen a glance before picking up his phone.  He was waiting for Sadie to message him back, but he had no reply for ten minutes already.
"Jackie, mom said to get you to come downstairs so we can decorate the tree."   His little sister Marissa bounced in, wearing the elf outfit his mother had bought her earlier that day.
"Yeah I was just coming down 'Rissa and don't call me Jackie.  You know that."  He shoved his phone into his pocket and grabbed her.  She squealed in excitement as he gave her a piggyback down the stairs.  His parents already had Christmas music playing and the numerous boxes of decorations out.  Both his mom and dad wore those cheesy matching Christmas sweaters.
"Finally Jack.  We were beginning to think you weren't coming down," his father said as he dumped his sister playfully on the couch.  Her giggles were infectious and loud as she jumped up and skipped cheerfully to her mom.  The bells attached to her all green outfit jingled with every step she took.
"Come on! Come on! We have to decorate the tree now!"  She exclaimed in a bright voice.
"Well now that we're all here, let's get to it."  Jack's mom clapped her hands together and let Marissa pick the first ornament.  Jack's father plunked a Santa's hat down on Jack's head.  
For the next few hours he listened to his family sing off-key to their favourite Christmas carols and decorate the tree.  By the end of the night, the trees twinkled brightly in multiple colours and there was a little village with his old train set circling the base of the tree. Marissa had fallen asleep arranging and rearranging the townspeople telling each back-story while Jack listened.  He adored his little sister, especially around Christmas when she got like this.
"Jack." His mother brought him out of his thoughts. He looked up at her, away from the train conductor figure in his hands.
"Would you mind carrying Marissa up to her room?"  She and his father were cleaning up the living room, the scent of fresh pine still in the air.  He set the figure down on the top of a boxcar train and lifted his sister up. At the age of nine she still didn't weigh much, so he didn't struggle to carry her up the stairs.  He brought her to her room and laid her down in her bed before tiptoeing out of the room.  He didn't want to be in her room too long.  She had far too many Justin Bieber posters up, and he always felt like they were watching him.  Back in his room he found Sadie still hadn't messaged him back.  Feeling tired himself he shut his computer down and got ready for bed.  He called a goodnight down to his parents and climbed into bed.

The following days that led to Christmas were busy.  But on the day Sadie went shopping for Christmas presents, she ended up bumping into Jack.  Her hands were full of bags from everything she'd bought and she was struggling to fix her hat, which was slipping off.
"Sadie?  Hey I thought that was you."  Jack's voice interrupted her struggle.  For a split second Sadie could hear the blood pounding in her ears.  
"Hi Jack!"  She beamed at him completely forgetting about her hair and her hat.
"You look like you could use a little help."  With a little chuckle he took some of her bags, lightening her load.
"Thanks," and that's when she remembered her hat.  She reached up, combing her fingers through her dark curls before readjusting her hat.
"Where are you going?  I'll walk you there since the chances of you bumping into someone and making a mess all over the mall are very high," he teased making her giggle and blush.
"I would not!"  she exclaimed pretending to be offended, but the smile on her face told Jack she wasn't.
"So where are we headed?" he questioned as they fell into step together.
"Actually, I was going to get a hot chocolate do you want one?  My treat." She still had leftover money so she offered.
"You sure?"
"Of course! C'mon let's go."  She grabbed the arm of his jacket and pulled him along behind her.

Jack couldn't help, but notice how close she was to him as they stood in line at the coffee shop waiting to order.  Even through both of their jackets, she radiated heat.  He was only half listening to her as she spoke because he was busy staring at how her face lit up when she talked.
"Oh okay, can I please have two medium white hot chocolates double cupped?" Jack blinked.  Had they already reached the front of the line?  Well Sadie had ordered.  
They sat at a two person table joking and sharing stores about their friends. And when they were done jack walked her to her car.  The smile on her face couldn't have been any bigger.  
When she got home, Sadie immediately ran up the stairs to dump her bags and call her best friend Renee.  She grabbed the phone on her desk and hit speed dial 1.  It rang a few times before a very sleepy Renee answered the phone.
"Hullo?" she mumbled still half asleep. Sadie knew it was tradition for Renee to sleep late during Christmas break, but she was too excited.
"Renny!"  Sadie exclaimed.
"God Sadie, indoor voices. Or warn me before you do that." Sadie could hear the grumpiness in her best friend's voice.
"Sorry, sorry. It's just you'll never guess who I had hot chocolate with today."  Sadie squealed.
"The Queen of England?" Renee replied sarcastically.  Giggling Sadie shook her head, realizing belatedly that Renee couldn't see her.
"No silly.  I had hot chocolate with Jack today."  Sadie heard Renee sitting up.
"Yes! And that's why I called you.  Even though  I knew you were sleeping.  I knew you'd want to hear about it."
"Darn right I want to hear about it. So tell me everything."  Sadie sat down on her desk chair booting up her laptop while she told Renee all about what had happened at the mall.  
Sadie was a little disappointed when she saw that Jack wasn't online.  Yes she had just spent a lot of time with him, but she would never get tired of talking to him.  After a bit Renee had to go so they said goodbye.  Sadie sat at her desk at a loss for what to do for a few minutes after the girls hung up.  Then she saw the numerous bags of presents on her floor.  She had to wrap them, she had forgotten.  Heading out she raced down the stairs calling for her mom.
"Mooooom!"  She yelled when she didn't get a response the first time.  
"I'm out here!"  Came the muffled reply.  She was in the garage.  Heading to the door she yanked it open, shivering when the cold air hit her skin.
"Where's all the wrapping paper?"
"Its in the den honey, didn't you see it?"   Her mother replied still rummaging around for something.
"Oh. Okay thanks.  I'll be in my room no one is allowed in okay? I'm wrapping presents."  She ran to get the things she needed then settled on the floor of her room surrounded by gifts and listening to "Titanium", by David Guetta and Sia.  
For the next few hours she sang along to her favourite songs and wrapped presents.  Her laptop chimed completely distracting her.  She pushed her way from the circle of wrapped and unwrapped presents and her heart did a back flip when she saw her Skype window blinking.  There was a notification that said Jack Canton was calling.  Her heart sped up and she clicked accept call. There were a few seconds of buffer were nerve wracking.  She combed her hands through her hair then realized she didn't have a camera.  It was just going to be a call.  She laughed to herself and unplugged her laptop before settling in the circle again.  
"Hey Sadie."
"Hi."  She responded getting back to wrapping.
"What are you doing?" Jack asked hearing cutting and taping in the background.
"Oh I'm wrapping presents don't mind me," she said as "Titanium" began playing again.  The playlist had finally looped back to the beginning.
"Did I catch you at a bad time then?  I don't want to disturb you."
"Nah don't worry about it.  I'm just wrapping it doesn't take that much of my attention." She set another present aside.
"That reminds me.  What do you want for Christmas?" You.  Her mind instantly thought and that made her blush profusely.  
"Not sure.  My parents asked me that as well.  I was supposed to make a list, but so far that list is blank."  She half laughed.
"There must be something."
"Even if I knew, what makes you so sure that I'd tell you." She teased.
"I'm hurt Sadie I thought we were close."  He faked being hurt.  They both laughed and fell into a silence.  Without thinking Sadie sang along.
"I'm bullet-proof, nothing to lose fire away, fire away ricochet, you take your aim fire away, fire away."  She hummed the rest knowing she would mix up the other words since she didn't know what they were.
"You sing so well."  Sadie froze.  Shoot.  She'd forgotten.  It was just a habit that she sang along to the words that she knew of any song.  She didn't want to make it seem like she was showing off, but it was done now. She couldn't take it back.
"Thanks," she murmured shyly.  
"But don't think that your supreme singing is going to distract me.  No changing the subject.  Besides my singing is much better."  He boasted jokingly.  She giggled.
"Oh is that so?"
"It is.  I'll sing something just don't be too amazed by my awesome voice."  He then launched into a wildly off key version of "Party in the USA" by Miley Cyrus.  It had Sadie cringing, but dying of laughter.  
"See didn't I tell you I was amazing?"  He said as she gasped for breath from laughing too hard.
"That was," she gasped out still laughing, "yeah. That was the best."  
"I know. I'm expecting my record deal to come any day now."  They both shared a laugh.
"Oh. Hey Sadie I have to go.  My parents are taking us out to dinner."  Disappointment flooded through her.
"Okay.  I'll talk to you later then I guess." She attempted to keep the disappointment out of her voice, but Jack could hear it.  Or maybe he was just imagining that.  Still he didn't want to stop talking to her either, even if he knew they'd never be more than friends.  She couldn't like him that way; at least that's what he thought.  
"Do I have your number? I can text you on the way there and back.  Just not actually during dinner. My parents would kill me."
"My parents would kill me too.  That is the ultimate rule and no I don't think you do."  They traded numbers and then had to say goodbye.  As soon as they hung up though, Jack texted her.  And that was the start of their long text conversations about things in which neither was really sure of.

Christmas grew closer and they talked more frequently.  Sadie's feelings escalated more and she was beginning to think it was really hopeless. She was sure Jack only thought of her as a friend.  She knew she had to say something though because if she didn't she was sure that she was going to go crazy.  She had to at least tell him because then she wouldn't have to worry about keeping it a secret.  This way she knew that she wasn't hiding.
Then she finally found the perfect way to tell him. She had been going through her desk drawers looking for her phone charger and came across the Christmas list.  The one that she had doodled his name all over.  She knew she was in too deep not to tell him. A smile appeared on her face as she suddenly realized how she could tell him.
 He had been bothering her about what she wanted for Christmas.  Every conversation he asked her what she wanted and she would always reply with the same thing. She didn't know.  But now she did.  It was Christmas Eve and Sadie and her family were about to start the Christmas tradition where they opened a few presents before Christmas day.  She was still up in her room.  She had told her parents she was only going to check something on her computer.  When she booted up her Skype window she saw Jack was online.  She would tell him.  Sitting down she chewed on her bottom lip as her fingers flew across the keyboard.  

Jack saw a message blinking on his computer screen.  He had only come up to his room to send Sadie a message.  He had only decided to wish her a merry Christmas.  He'd left his family's celebration for a few minutes.  It hadn't occurred to him to text her.  At first he saw it was from Sadie.  He'd simply thought she had had the same idea, but his heart thudded in his chest when he saw what it said.
S.J. says: I know what I want for Christmas.
The little icon moving at the bottom left corner of the screen meant she was still typing.   The next line that popped up on the screen and it sent his heart into a near explosion.
S.J. says: All I want for Christmas is you.
As soon as he saw that he took off running.  He tore down the stairs so quickly his parents wondered where the fire was.
"Jack, where are you going?"  His mother asked. He threw on his shoes haphazardly and opened the door.  The cold, winter wind swept in as he replied, "I'll be back soon."
He ran off, the door shutting behind him, his feet crunching in the untouched, freshly fallen snow.  Sadie's house was a few blocks away.  By the time he had reached her house he began to feel winded.  He knocked on her door feeling his heartbeat racing.  Somehow he felt that it wasn't because he had run all the way.
Sadie's surprised face greeted him as the door opened.  She took in the sight of him and quickly stepped out onto the porch, shutting the door behind her.  
"So you got my message huh." She spoke in a quiet voice, her eyes tracing the floor with interest.
"Y. Yeah I did," Jack almost choked on his words.
"If you don't likeľ"she didn't get to finish because he reached out and pulled her into his arms.  His sweater muffled the rest of her words, but he could feel the surprise radiating off of her in waves.
"I didn't think you felt the same way," she admitted shyly, but before they could say another word, the front door opened.  A slender woman, who Jack could only think was Sadie's mom, stood in the doorway.
"Don't you two want to come inside? It's awful chilly out here."  She teased her lips tugging upwards in the beginnings of a smirk.  
"Oh that's okay Mrs. Jenner. I just came to tell Sadie something."  He flashed her the best smile he could muster.
"Alright well, Sadie your brothers want to open some of their presents now so don't be too long."  Then just as quickly as she'd appeared, she was gone.  When she was gone Sadie and Jack shared a half chuckle at the situation.  
"I should probably go back inside now actually," Sadie said eventually.
"Do you want your Christmas gift?" he asked mischievously.  A faint blush tinted her cheeks red.
"Yeah." She agreed before she could talk herself out of it.  
He stepped up and pulled her close surprising her again.  Her response was quicker this time; she brought her arms up and hugged him back.  He felt a huge grin appear on his face as he leaned down and whispered, "I want you for Christmas too. Will you go out with me?"
"Yes. I will."  She smirked into his shirt hugging a little longer before letting go.
"Okay I have to go now."
"Alright. Message me later?" he questioned.
"Of course. I'll see you later Jack. And you know you could have just texted me instead of coming all this way," she said.  
"Yes, but isn't this more romantic," he joked.  They shared a laugh before both lingered, unwilling to let the other go.
"Be a man already! Kiss her!" The sound of one of Sadie's younger twin brothers made Jack blink and look over.  The six-year-old was leaning out an open window with his brother beside him.  
"Boys! Get back in here this instant!"  Sadie turned in time to see her brothers being dragged away from the window.  
Blushing, their eyes met again and under the light of the street lamps and falling snowflakes, their lips met in one perfect Christmas kiss.
Unedited and freshly finished. This is the finished product of that teaser I posted a while back. Its for my WC Isu so yeah. Hope you guys like it :P
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